Monday, June 19, 2006
// winter hols// 21st birthday //

I shall take this opportunity to say that jeans fresh from the dryer are the absolute BOMB. *__* especially when the temperature varies between 5 - 6 degrees celcius outside. Bah. hate the cold. However, uni is over and the holidays are just beginning so expect more updates from now on! unless bf starts grumbling that i spend too much time online rather than with him *shame.

List of things i'm planning to do during the month long holiday:

1. Go snowborading and skiing, and hopefully not fuck up a limb or two seeing as this is my first time doing a winter sport.
2. Get back to painting, probably watercolor and pen because that's the one i can say i'm...fairly good at. Howeve acrylic is a nice choice too....Sorryla after seeing the ample supplies of art stuff they have for sale here i tergoda to start painting again.
3. Make some papercraft and send it to some random lucky person. :D I realise if i had no incentive like such fueling the process, the pepakura will turn into crap. :(
4. Head on over to Bridge Road in West Richmond for some serious shopping. It's an entire area of warehouses, cafes and shops yo!
5. Start putting my AE skills to use and create some AMVs. For the longest time i've seen YouTube teeming with them and every now and then i'll see typography and timing that grates on my nerves. ;p So what better way to put myself at ease than to try it myself eh? And also the very very slim chances of them being applicable to my
6. Obviously spend some quality time with BFJin. We've been so out of sync lately despite living under the same roof that it's gotten pretty sad. So it's time to start all over again.
7. Sell the ferrets. No just kidding.


Oh and for my 21st birthday a.k.a 06.06.06 a.k.a the forthcoming of the antichrist...

i did shitall. :(

ok going out for dinner now in Chinatown. Jin's classmate Jeanie/Jane is spending a few nights with us before heading off to Gold Coast. Film student from Perth yo. And she could tell us the exact cameras that were used during the World Cup match, more accurately the one with the lonngg tiang placed at at each goal. How cool is that?? .\m/

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Thursday, June 08, 2006
//Concept Developement//

Shit. It's like MMPS all over again. Only this time, yours truly so pandai want to do 2D animation. -_-

Title of proposed piece.

A crappy short introductory shot - draft.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

This guy to be Gambit?. oh YES please. <3

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Saturday, May 27, 2006
// photo+work dump //

Image heavy entry, but definitely not as heavy as say...hsin's blog...but it'll do for now. :) Most of the pics were taken from my crapy little phone camera, some ganked from mich and the rest just mindless photo manips i did in my spare time. if i had a lot of time to spare. bah.

Disregard the dorky look and focus on the HD camera. *__* The quality is beautiful, but damn kau huge.

Forgot what the dish was, but we were at Max Brenners, the original Aussie Sin. D: They only serve chocolate, chocolate and MORE chocolate.

Over at one of them old rickety train stations waiting for my ride, before i moved into the city. V I S U A L people.

Over at the docklands, they've got a spunky looking playground with this thing hovering and spinning above. Kinda reminds me of that ant catching plant.

Flagstaff gardens, where we often go through when renting DVDs, going to the market or visiting the petshop. It's autumn now, and the scenery is beautiful. This one was taken a few weeks back.

Random neko at mich's relative's house.

The night the fire alarm rang, and firefighters arrived in no less than 5 minutes.

My photochop contribution of the day. Got potential to be wallpaper you think?


Next up when i have time to upload, some of my crappy video works! ;p Because there's no place to put them, i am thus whoring them here. And no to Deviant art.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006
// hard gay ramon // singing // strange fixations //

Black vest. Black hot pants. Black hat and sunglasses.

ALL VINYL. or pvc.

I for one don't think that HG's an attractive person(i keep on thinking that it's Wai Khong under there, bloddy hell!!), but goddamn is he one hell of an entertainer. After watching the episode where he demands a children's game be modelled after him, jin and i are dying to get one for ourselves. And jeering the lucky asses who have it but don't know how to use it properly.



Eversince getting to Melbourne i've found myself with a severe lack of songs and a car. With the absene of these two important objects, i've also come to realise that i can't sing my heart out (read:REALLY LOUD) anymore. Last time, no one could hear me in my car as i blasted songs like Jimmy Eat World and Bump if Chicken and sang like a retard all the way to class though the morning traffic on a Thursday morning. I felt so liberated. *_* But now, not so, seeing as my voice projection would probably earn me a shelling from the next door neighbours in the apartment. The walls are damn thin so thin it upsets me.Sad

I haven't really come up with a solution to solve this crisis - Crisis being called such because i'm unable to unleash the stress demons - but i've taken to singing when walking about town after making sure no one would be able to hear me.

Currently i'm insanely fixated on Sakura kiss, the Ouran Host Club's OP. I've even come to the point that i can imagine out an entire skit while someone's singing it.

And no, i do NOT need help to cure my otaku-dom. Out this way please. Hm. Well that was pointless.


Have you ever had one of those quiet afternoons to yourself? Times when you and your mind could have a decent conversation without much interference? Well i had one recently, and i've decided that if there was one sick murder style i'd like to be known for, AND feel comfortable doing, it would be gorging people's eyeballs and keeping them as trophies. For a while i've been horribly obsessed with eye colors, particularly with blue and green. Everytime i pass by a foreigner with these traits i get a strange urge to take em out and keep them in a jar.

A jar of formaldehyde, and shelves in my basement to house such lovely speciments. Process of removal would include a spoon, and a pair of scissors to get rid of the annoying bits.

Oh, and call me sick...i strangely don't find cannibalism to be as taboo or frightening or as disgusting as i should. Especially after some brutal pics were taken of this chinese stall laying half human meat like normal stock. I just thought, hey that's pretty cool.

I think somewhere down the line when i snap due to the pressures of life i'm gonna need help or else become the next psycho killer of Malaysia targeting tourists. But anyway, i'm curious as to what your sick twisted murder kink would be?

Tell Tell. :D

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