Entry: //Dear RMIT administration..// Thursday, July 13, 2006


Full story tomorrow, after i hopefully take care of the fuckers. Seriously, no matter how wonderful their lecturers are the fact remains that the higher ups are a bunch of buffoons. Oh the anger. =_=


Okay, for those who don't already know, here's the story in a nutshell.

1. I come to Melbourne with a 1st year offer.
2. I appeal at RMIT for an exemption into 3rd year.
3. After a short meeting, i am given the option by BOTH of the Creative Media faculty heads to choose between enrolling in first year OR third year. They would have slotted me into 2nd year given the chance, but that was full.
5. After that I'm instructed to fill in the change of enrolment form, then attend classes normally.


I've been filling and giving in FOUR of those bloody forms throughout the entire semester and everytime i never get my status updated. This resulted in a serious muck up, ultimately resulting in me not recieving my results for the 1st semester. Apparently the creative media administration had not gotten anything from RMIT international (where i filled out the forms), so i personally went to RMIT International to sort things out. After much discussion and taking a peek at my student file, there was a photocopy of the change of enrolment form that i had filled in, with the words Advised by David Barlas (he's the Creative Media admin) and TRANSMISSION OK.

And it was OKed on the 8th of April. So what does that tell me? It tells me that he paperwork looks fine, but it's just not relected in the RMIT database. Not my fault right? I just selected one of the options they gave me, and followed through with the procedures,so why so fucked up la? So i demanded that they followed up ASAP, and once they did it became a juggling act of shoving the responsibility to and fro between the CM admin and RMIT international. -_-

And yours truly is at the bottom of the food chain, unable to do anything. Wunderbar.

To add salt to the wound, the CM faculty heads that previously VERY VERY CLEARLY stated that it was my choice to choose between 1st and 3rd year are now saying that i was actually granted first year, but i made the 'mistake' of enrolling myself in third year. So now, they have to go sorting through oodles of paperwork for my sake. Fucking hell, I REMEMBER the exact words that came out of your mouth you cretin. Those were the words i mulled and agonized on the whole night to reach a decision, hell i even have the BLOG ENTRY FOR IT.

But geez, what would i know right? I'm just another simple international student with subpar english paying through my nose to get one of your stupid paper certs.

This thing will be ongoing for a very long time i reckon. Till then, i know not of what will become of my results, or my status as a third year student. It's like dangling from a thin wire that's about to break. I hate this.


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hentam jer la muka pegawai tuh ..
dont be so mad k
August 16, 2006   01:55 PM PDT
jill> *disayang

eelynn > :( unis are run by pricks.

ru > coolies, we have to get in touch sometime!

tek> good luck to you too UK goer :D *glomps

dm> good idea. let me go call those cambodian druglords i befreinded the other day. :D
August 10, 2006   05:07 PM PDT
maybe if you took the department hostage something'll happen...
August 4, 2006   09:05 PM PDT
haha tatsun hoi's diploma pwns any uni aorund the world! wtf i;m crappin =p. good luck girl~~
August 3, 2006   11:20 PM PDT
haiz i just moved to melb 1 week ago and im still not enrolled in rmit! attending classes w/o teachers knowing my name. i have never washed nor cooked anything in all my life till this past week. know exactly how u feel...

ps im a cosplaya too
August 1, 2006   07:15 PM PDT
june-chan don`t so sad.. people in wanganui also force us to learn something we know long time ago {basic html, stupid business card.. etc}.. just to waste our time + money..
July 15, 2006   12:00 PM PDT

problems with the degree and how they still want to you do 1st yr? stupid fucks.

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