Entry: //pre merdeka post// Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Eversince coming to Melbourne I've been all but oblivious to the happenings back in good ol' Malaysia. However my ears and eyes did catch wind of the interesting things, like Mahathir chewing out Badawi over a bridge, people getting struck by lightning, gothic kids being skewered by the media and so on so forth.

But anyway, the point of this post is to inform that come tomorrow I'll be collaborating with Juufan in creating a merdeka blog entry that'll win hopefully the internetz. :D Some of you might know what i'm yammering about, most of you probably won't. But i promise that it'll be so full of crack that your brain will break. I know mine will.

*waves a Malaysian Flag. Let us all blog in our mother tongue for tomorrow! 8D



August 31, 2006   06:15 PM PDT
bagus bagus.. sila berblog dalam bahasa anda . *menampar punggung kemuri*

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