wanker » fuk off
juli » this may seem odd but i love reading your blog x) and your ferrets are adorable!! =) sorry for the randomness
loser » nice blog...
Kueh pau » FYI ..penang ..pearl of the orient. and is hell holy?
chrisu » muahahaaha chrisu ere
Serge Norguard » *kisses june*
june » *roundhouse kick's serge* Yes, the design owns.
arashi » i love your header banner. XD.
morticya33 » wtf. ahaha you can obviously pay me royalties for using kebodohan manusia zaman dahulu. XD
Serge Norguard » *spanks june* ....i see you're using coltrane design
Serge Norguard » june...finally changed your layout eh >D, rofl ... i editted this blogdrive design before.
Karasu » nice colours and typo =)
loserkid » hey nice blog..
UltraM2000 » *waves* Hi senpai!
Serge Norguard » nice.... link me properly lar....
june » itula bloddy winter!! my fingers are about to fall off any time soon. T_T
keitsu » chun part is that today is officially winter... *frozen fingertips*
keitsu » chun part is that today is officially winter... *frozen fingertips*
keitsu » WEI so busy these days... last week to my death final week... so AUGH!!! nevertheless, happy birthday and i got your card *_* gonna send you some stuff but onli during the hols.
june » dusty > eh busy now la, i'll send it to you sooonn
Serge Norguard » wei..... june darling... send me your psd file of Gandou
june » jill > D: ZOMG *i fails. -_-
morticya^33 » oh noes june chan! look your idea executed in a diff way! http://www.anniemate.com/interfaz_eng.htm
june » jill > ok! action ker drama ker insane madness??
morticya^33 » woman! i forgot! try black lagoon! i lubs it! ranks above ouran for me~
june » heeyyy ee lynnn! )
midori » eloo~!.. june-chan~!! ^^ greetings from wanganui.. pretty bored here.. T-T n` yes i`m eelynn.. =Pp